About This Blog and Me


Hi there, I am Jerry Low. Geek dad, SEO junkie, affiliate marketer, and blogger.

I started my web business in 2004, quitted my day job as an Rubber Dam engineer and turned full time in 2006. Currently I am the founder of WebRevenue Inc. (established 2009), – the company that owns and manages sites like Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR), HostScore, and Hide & Seek.

Occasionally, I provide advance SEO training and digital marketing planning services. Those works were never my main source of income though.


I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas in digital marketing, SEO, and professional blogging. Some of my writings can be found on Kinsta, HostingerSocial Media TodayPro BloggerBusiness 2 Community, and Advance Web Ranking.


I am proud to be featured in a number of interviews (THANK YOU!) including Kevin Muldoon, Media Shower, Reply All, and Hosting Advice.

About this Blog

I publish frivolous mumbling and personal findings in work and Internet.

During the early days, this blog is curated from my Google+ account. But that has changed ever since Google+ turned into a ghost town and eventually being shut down.