Building An Online Business without Google Search


Following up on Google’s recent open attack on MyBlogGuest (MGB), one of my writers at WHSR, Luana, interviewed Ann Smarty and took a closer look on your Internet marketing options without Google.

I can so relate to Luana’s article as all my sites were wiped off from Google in 2012 during Penguin updates. My business revenue goes from 5 figures monthly to almost zero.

Yes, from hero to zero, in just a snap of the almighty Google’s finger.

In case you had the same experience – you would appreciate this article like I do.

Some key takeaways from the article:

  • Google’s attack on MBG seems irrational to many – Google Analytics blog publishes guest posts without a nofollow too. Do as we say, not as we do; eh?
  • Google’s ban is not the end of world – “Forget about Google”, says Ann Smarty.
  • To build traffics without Google, Ann suggested: Influencers outreach, content repackaging, and building an email list.
  • Some other ways that you can grow your online business without Google include local directory listing, blogger outreach, word-of-mouth marketing, offline event sponsorships, and forums marketing.
  • The key point is to learn how to market website like Google doesn’t exist.
  • Luana wish everyone can stop acting like Google’s webslave and ‘help bring linking and content creation back in the hands to the real masters – the webmasters’.

Yes, we can’t ignore the fact that  most of Internet activities start with a search and Google is simply the most lucrative source of targeted visitors. >Without Google, you’ll have to work a lot more harder and your business will simply grow slower. But a business relying on just one revenue source is simply too risky. 

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