What's the worst you can go in blogging? Read this crowd-sourcing post by +Pauline…

What's the worst you can go in blogging? Read this crowd-sourcing post by +Pauline Cabrera on Twelve Skip. 


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15 Experts Share their Worst Blogging Advice Ever by +Ashley Faulkes 

…because it's really all about quality, and meeting your target audience wants and needs.

"You’ve probably heard that saying about everyone having an opinion?

Well, in the world of Pro Blogging, the opinions are flying around daily!

And with so many experts out there telling us what to do, it is insanely confusing.

Who should I listen to, and what is the “best” advice in the end?

So I went out there and asked some experts:

What is the WORST blogging advice you have ever heard or read?

And more importantly


Because there is a lot of common wisdom out there that is:

 – just not true.
– or does not work how you would expect
– or not for everyone.

Here are the experts telling you how it really is here: http://madlemmings.com/2014/10/07/15-experts-share-worst-blogging-advice/

Thanks for including me +Ashley Faulkes! Love it!

Good to Great: What Brings Your Blogpost to the Next Level?

7 Must Have Elements Of A Great Blog Post

1. Eye-catching titles and headlines
2. Great opening
3. Engaging Images
4. Proper page segmentation
5. Social Media Network Friendly
6. Your own voice
7. Effective CTA

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Original source: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/blogging-tips/7-must-have-elements-of-a-great-blog-post/ 

The right way to guest post.

The right way to guest post.

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Pro Tip: First Thing I Do When My Guest Post Is Published

Getting your guest post published by a reputable site in your field is a great honor. If you want to be invited back, and maybe even become a regular columnist (as I now am for +Marketing Land), here's a simple thing you can do that adds great value for you and the publisher.

As soon as a guest post of mine goes "live," I jump in to make the first comment from me. As you see in the screen capture below, I let viewers know that I appreciate them reading my post, and I also let them know that I will be monitoring the comments and will respond personally.

Not only is that a great thing to do for the readers, it will also show the publisher that you weren't just looking to "post and run" to soak up some SEO benefit and then on to your next target. Good publishers want writers who will become part of their community, and who will be responsive to their readers.

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My first guest post on +ABCD Blogging 

My first guest post on +ABCD Blogging . In case you are in the search for the right web host, here are 15 questions to ask your hosting companies. 

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The 15 Must-Ask Questions for Web Host Shoppers
10SHARES Blogging is an exciting and rewarding endeavor – but for first time bloggers, getting started can be a bit like navigating through a field of landmines. Pick the wrong route and it jeopardizes your entire mission… and no choice is more important than your web host. Shopping for a web host is a critical part of getting your blog up and …

25 Rules for Writing Crazy Good Sentences

Whether you are writing a headline, working on an opening for a blog post, or writing a one-liner for an advertising campaign for a client, being able to write a sentence that isn’t just average but is remarkable is vital. 

You must engage the reader’s emotion, appeal to her logic, make a promise and paint a mental picture. That’s a pretty tall order, but the 25 rules in this article will help you achieve crazy good sentences.

Article by +Lori Soard 

URL: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-copy-writing/25-rules-for-writing-crazy-good-sentences/

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8 Effective Tips To Grow Your Email List

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8 Effective Tips To Grow Your Email List
Without The Technical Headache

Plenty of people swear by building an email list.

It's a great way to build a community and keep your readers coming back to your website. It's also a great channel to generate revenue.

When you start off – it can be a challenge.

Especially from a technical sense and I've been there.

But, I've found that there are certain things that you can do to grow your list – all without too much of a technical headache.

I talk about them in my post today on the AWR blog.

Read it here: http://www.advancedwebranking.com/blog/effective-tips-to-grow-email-list/

Pin it for later: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/259308891019478479/

Mentions: +OptinMonster, +Buffer, +Optimizely, +Advanced Web Ranking and more.

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Even though most people complain that they can't have enough time, it’s actually…

Even though most people complain that they can't have enough time, it’s actually easy to have enough time to get all your work done, and still have time left over for a personal life. 

Question is: Are you being focused and smart enough?

If you haven't seen it – here's my latest guest post on +TwelveSkip – How to blog faster without compromising quality (http://www.twelveskip.com/guide/blogging/1286/how-to-blog-faster-without-compromising-quality) where I shared some of my best writing and blog management tips that would speed up your blogging process instantly. 

Check it out and let me know what you think ;)

P/S: Thanks +Pauline Cabrera for the writing opportunity. 

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How-To: Blog Faster Without Compromising Quality by +Jerry Low 

Beyond writing the actual blog entries, we have to think about marketing the blog itself, writing for SEO so that our blogs and posts are found – not to mention taking the time to actually read and expand our knowledge and views of our actual focus area so we:

(1) know what we’re talking about and (2) have something new to write about.

It’s about producing quality content consistently – emphasis on consistently.

So how do we get it all done?

Sure, time management’s a big part of it – but, in truth, it’s about blogging more quickly without sacrificing quality.

Yeah, it’s easier said than done, but it can be done.

Learn how to BLOG faster @ http://www.twelveskip.com/guide/blogging/1286/how-to-blog-faster-without-compromising-quality

Self Plug: Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting A Blog

If you could turn back time, what are the things you would teach yourself before starting a blog? What was your biggest mistakes when it comes to blogging? And what did you learn from your mistake?

My #1 Blogging Mistake

My biggest blogging mistake was not building an email list throughout the years. It sucks. And it almost drove me out of business in 2012/2013.

What I have learned: search ranking and social media buzz can come and go. But email is always here to stay. Why? Because it allows you to engage and communicate with your audience directly whenever you want. Engagement and communication – are the keys to your online success. 

I am still not building a good email list right now. But at least I have started and am learning all that I could. 

The Survey

Curious about how others. I conducted an online survey via HARO and interviewed other bloggers about their mistakes and things they wish to know before starting their own blog. And I've hand-picked and published some of the best answers here: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/blogging-tips/things-we-wish-we-knew-before-starting-our-first-blog/ Some of the stories are common; and some total out of my imagination. 

What About Yours?

Do drop by when you got a minute and share us your stories with us. If you like what you see – please share the post with your followers.  

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Starting a blog is not as difficult as it seems

Sure, it could get tricky in the later stage; but generally speaking, blogging is do-able for everyone who has a computer with an Internet connection.

And guess what, you can actually setup a new blog in the next 15 minutes. This 7-step beginner guide that I have just published on +Web Hosting Secret Revealed will you do just that http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/blogging-tips/how-to-start-a-blog-in-15-minutes/ 

A quick glance

In this guide, we are going to look at:

1. How to pick up the right web host and domain for your blog
2. Registering your domain on a recommended host
3. Logging into your hosting account for the first time
4. Installing WordPress 
5. Writing your first post

And once you are done with these, remember to head on to http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blogging-with-whsr/ where we put up all our best blogging tips in one page (warning: things might get a little overwhelming there). 

Enjoy learning – Have fun! :)

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[Infographic] Wonder what are the options you have in web hosting?

Searching for a web host can be a tedious job, especially if you are doing it for the first time and don’t know what to look for. While my hosting reviews and articles might help in separating the good hosts from the bad ones, you are the only one who can determine which web host is the right one for yourself.

Questions to ask include (but not limited to): Do you need a very secured hosting environment? How much server control do you need? Do you have excessive budget for a premium hosting? How much web traffic are you expecting? Do you run application that requires intensive processing power? Can your website tolerates with certain level of downtime?

Answering these questions lead us to the next key question: What are your choices? The following infographic has the answer. 

If you need more details or simply wish to share this infographic on your blog, please visit the original post at http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/shared-vps-dedicated-cloud-hosting/; HTML codes are provided after the image.

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