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Having spent more than ten years researching and testing web hosting services, we felt the need for greater transparency in the market. HostScore was built with that in mind – a resource for the public which would monitor how web host servers perform and make that data readily available at no cost.

Being first of its kind in market (as far as I know), HostScore gives hosting consumers a new, data-driven way to evaluate and choose a web host.

We have been collecting data since July 2019 and the site went live early this month (September). I’d love you to go check out the site and let me know what you think.

Screenshot of HostScore homepage (Sep 20, 2019)

For transparency purposes, all HostScore algorithm is published here.

Curious to learn more? Find answers to frequent questions here.

Speaking at WordPress Meetup (March 2019)

I had the opportunity to speak at one of the WordPress Meetups in Kuala Lumpur recently (thank you David). My session was about growing a blog. I shared my ideas in content and non-SEO marketing to ~70 attendants that afternoon.

Key Takeaways

Click here to download my deck.

To grow your blog, you need to produce the right content for your target audience consistently and promote your blog actively.

  • The Basics – Create evergreen content. Do onpage SEO right. Don’t overload your blog with ads. Be original. Don’t post irrelevant stuffs on your blog. etc etc
  • Generating Ideas – Gather and make use of data you can get from others, such as Quora, Patroen, YouTube, and competitors, to generate content ideas.
  • Growing without Google – Repurpose and distribute your content in different channels to build your brand and traffic. Network with other bloggers / brands / developers for win-win.

Digging in

For further readings and actions.

Personal Note

Public speaking is something I have no done for years (ever since I left Bridgestone). Thankfully there wasn’t many big screw-ups in my presentation (according to feed backs I got).

  • Freestyle feels easier (and probably better) – There was a moment in the beginning where I struggled to stick with my script and my mind just got shut off. Eventually I went freestyle and it worked out smoother.
  • I need practice – Obviously. Must get rid of the “uhhhm” “errr” and “ahhh” when presenting.
  • Speaking is fun and useful – The audience comes to you with their problems and questions – this helps me to understand people better and generate new ideas from speaking to them. Should / will definitely do more.

And by the way …

The Kuala Lumpur WordPress Meetup is for all WordPress users from new to experienced to get together and discuss all things WordPress.

Regardless of whether you use WordPress for business or pleasure, as a blogger, developer, or designer, our monthly meetups are sure to help you get the most out of this amazing open source software.

Just like WordPress, joining the group and attending our meetups is absolutely free!

To learn more and see where the folks are hosting the next meetup, check out

Launching a business is all about doing everything you can to give your venture the…

Launching a business is all about doing everything you can to give your venture the best chance of succeeding. But what do you do if you have multiple business ideas? Richard Branson has some advice…

Reshared post from +Richard Branson

My tips for the first year of business:

Nentrepreneurs should be hustlers


I am tired of people who outsource every operation in their business and claim themselves Nentrepreneurs.

And I know enough people who does that since day one in business.

The blog design was brought over from paid WP theme club, tweets were posted by freelance social media marketer, site functios were based on what can be obtained from plugins online, blogposts were brainstormed and written by ghost writers; and if that’s not enough, a second class “SEO” was hired from Black Hat forum, to build links.

Yes I see you are no good in design. I see that you are no good in writing. I see you are no good in coding.

And you certainly think you are too good to sit down to read and reply tweets every day.

Someone, from somewhere, is the better person for these jobs.

“So why not just pay them to do that?”

But then…

What is the value in YOU if everything in your business is outsourced?

Why should you win in this game?

Why shouldn’t the freelancers, who do all the hard work, win?

Just because you have a “brilliant” idea doesn’t make you the special one.

And, even if you have the best business idea in the world – its value fades quickly over time and gets drown by new ideas tomorrow.

You are not the only one with ideas.

You look like a fool when you outsource everything and hope that your business will succeed one day.

Miracle like Digg doesn’t come every day.

And, where is Digg now by the way?

You are simply making others rich and wasting the opportunities to develop yourself.

People look up to entrepreneurs because they are hustler. They do whatever is needed to be done to be success. And, they lead with examples.

Think twice before you outsource another task.

Ask yourself – am I outsourcing this because I am lazy? Am I missing the chance to learn?