Very good interview – This hits me real hard. Read it twice, at least. 

Some key takeaways – 

"Their point was that the industry overvalues experience, and undervalues strategic and tactical flexibility."

"Great products happen when people build a product for themselves."

"I know that if I have a product that works, I can hire a marketing and sales and distribution team, and I can do it in a week."

"At Novell, we had what I called “glue” people. They sit at the boundaries, and help everyone work together. I tried to get rid of them because you don’t “need” them…" 

"She [Marissa Mayer] maintained a Top 100 list with 300 things on it, and would try to get these things to talk with each other."

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CS183C Session 8: Eric Schmidt — CS183C: Blitzscaling Class Collection
For today’s class session, Reid Hoffman interviewed our special guest, Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Alphabet (and forme…

Check out my first guest post on +Enstine Muki blog

Check out my first guest post on +Enstine Muki blog. To new bloggers who are unfamiliar with the hosting scene – here are my 9 tips in keeping you safe from a bad web host. I can't stress how important it is to understand the risks and protect yourself (and your blog!) from a lousy host. 

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What Bloggers Must Know about Web Hosting: 9 Ways to Stay Out of Troubles
9 Ways to Stay Out of web hosting Troubles. Post by a web hosting experts you really have to read today

Which Social Media Platform Should Your Business Be On?

Maybe you feel stretched thin across all your social media accounts, or haven’t even gotten started yet because you’re frozen by “analysis paralysis.”

When it comes to marketing your business, social media isn’t just fun and games. There’s content strategizing and campaign planning, update optimization, ROI tracking, and more to worry about.

But even before all that, you have to decide which social media networks you’re going to join.

Top Social Media Platforms & Their Audiences

With limited time and resources, how do you choose which social media networks to invest your time in?

This recent article by +KeriLynn Engel might have an answer for you – 

Chart credit – 

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"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are."…

"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are." – Bertolt Brecht

Just because you are not good enough today doesn't mean you will fail tomorrow. We have the ability to grow – don't give up so easily! 

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Updates on InMotion Hosting – Review Summary + Uptime Score

One, image attached is the uptime scores for the past 30 days uptime score (= 100%, which is GREAT).

Two, InMotion hosting are now using SSD storage, which equals to 20x hard disk speed. 

Quick review – what I like about InMotion Hosting?

– Reliable servers (site uptime 100% most of the time)
– Exclusive Max Speed Zone + Free SSD Hosting
– Proven business records (they have been around for more than a decade)
– 90 days free trial (if you are about to signup)


– Limited addon domain for Business Class Hosting 
– Phone verification for all new customers (this means no instant account activation)

More details –

Or, to get 50% discount on first signup, use our promo link here (aff link) –

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cc. +InMotion Hosting 

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Blog Hosting

Seriously – there are plenty you need to know beyond that Wikipedia article ;) Read my guest post on +Blogging Spell for the inside tips in choosing the right web host for your blog. 

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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Blog Hosting

How to start a mom blog that rocks!

More and more parents are joining the blogging industry for income and time flexibility. Mommy bloggers are the massive and extremely influential group among all.

One recent article on Mashable stated the average blogging mom's household income compare to non-blogging moms is $14,000 higher.

Starting a blog as a parent is not difficult as it seems. If you are wondering where and how to start one, do follow successful mom blog stories and tips in this post by +Gina Badalaty–

Featuring +Reesa Lewandowski +whitney wingerd +Jo-Lynne Shane and more.

Whether you are going to be the next superstar mom-bloggers or not, the stories inside are definitely inspiring!

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cc. +Web Hosting Secret Revealed 

How to Start a Successful Mom Blog, Part 1
Mom blogs are an amazing resource full of frugal tips, life hacks, interesting trends and a great belly laugh or good cry. They continue to succeed for one