You should promote your website as if Google Search never exist

And here's how… 

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How to Grow Your Business Without Google Search
Can’t keep up with Google Search updates? You’re not alone. Here are 5 ways to grow your online presence without relying on Google Search.

On landing page and CTA optimization

Getting traffic is just part of the game. You need to direct your visitors to do what you wanted them to do. In other words – convert them! 

For those who'd like to learn more – here's one article you should not miss.

Reshared post from +Pauline Cabrera

Case Study: Successful Call to Actions and What You Can Learn for Your Own Site by +Lori Soard 

Do you want to improve your conversion rate? Do something with your calls to action (CTA). OPTIMIZE!

Grab your visitor's attention and encourage them to take action with effective calls to action.

Here's a case study of successful CTAs (plus awesome tips) and learn how you can apply on your own site:

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+GoDaddy have not make a profit in the past 18 years

+GoDaddy have not make a profit in the past 18 years. And yet they raised hundreds of millions yesterday and stock price soared 30% after IPO.

GoDaddy races onto Wall Street. Stock soars 30% after IPO
GoDaddy stock jumped 30% in its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is now worth nearly $4 billion.

DREAM – Set of 250 free icons

Guys – we are releasing 250 new icons on WHSR. This set is licensed under WTFPL – means you can do what the f*ck you want with it and it's completely free. 

Yes, FREE.

Icon Set Specifications

Design style – Flat, minimalist, the entire set is built on 5 color-base. 
Items covered – social media, web services, apps, and all things internet. 
Icons format – .png & .ai
Size – for .png 512x512px
License – WTFPL
Download size – 19.2 MB
Preview – see attached


Download here –

I'd greatly appreciate if you can share this out on your blog and social media. 

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Who Rules the Social Web?

An updated version on some key social media network stats (Nov 2014). The most comprehensive (and beautiful) one I found so far. 

This could be a good info source for your next blogpost.

Some key findings (compare to 2012 stats) –

– Large, key networks Pinterest, Snapchat and Tumblr continue to draw a higher female audience.
– Most matriarchies remain matriarchies, bar Facebook (previously 58% female) now equalised to gender balance.
– Previously male-dominated sites, YouTube, Stumbleupon, DeviantArt have become more equalised.
– But only Flickr of the previous patriarchies has flipped to a more matriarchal balance.
– More tech-cultured oriented networks Reddit & Google+ have become less male dominated. Google+ now 57% men vs 64% in 2012. Reddit now 60% men vs 74% in 2012.
– And sadly, Orkut, Bebo, and Friendfeed is out of the picture.

Learn more

Dig deeper (warning: data geeks only):

Infographic credit:

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Web Host Interview: Co-founder of Pressidium Hosting, Andrew Georges

Recently, I had the honor and privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with Andrew Georges, Co-Founder of +Pressidium In this interview, we dug deep into how Pressidium can help users who are looking for a reliable WP hosting, as well as as other hosting-related topics. 

It was fun and I learned a lot from this. 

To jump straight into the interview, visit: 

Fun fact Andrew developed his first asteroids game clone on his Amiga 500 and he used a 300 baud modem back in the good old days.

About Pressidium Pressidium Hosting was launched by a team of experienced engineers and developers. The vision of Pressidium is to offer premium WordPress specific hosting for everyone. With a global focus, they have servers located in North America, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia and Oceania.

You can read my honest review on Pressidium here –

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Web Host Interview: Co-founder of Pressidium Hosting, Andrew Georges
Recently, WHSR had the honor and privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with Andrew Georges, Co-Founder of Pressidium. I also completed an honest review about this WordPress website hosting service, which you can read here. As with all our reviews, I thoroughly tested the service and offer …