How to grow without Google Search?

Hey we all knew Google traffics are sweet. But building an online business solely on Google search traffics is not a smart move. 

Google is just way far from consistent – and consistency and reliability are important. 

Too many sites have been unwittingly turned upside down overnight when Google updates its algorithms. Not only do the algorithm changes mean needing to find how to increase your ranking with the new algorithm; it also means that your previously great search listing might now be all but invisible.

All of this considered, there are numerous ways to grow your blog and increase traffic outside of Google’s organic search listings – and if you want to learn how – go check out my first guest post on +Shane Barker – where I shared three of my best tips in growing a blog without Google Search (featuring a few examples including my guest post on +Adam Connell blog). 

P.S. If you like my post, you might also enjoy Luana's latest input at WHSR: 14 Reasons Link Building Belongs To Marketing (Not SEO Nor Google)

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How to Grow Your Blog Outside of Google Organic Search – Shane Barker
Bloggers, and really anyone who runs a website, can appreciate the importance of a great Google organic search ranking… heck, that’s why there is an entire industry devoted to improving search rankings (SEO specialists). However, Google organic search rankings are not the only way that visitors find your website – and the rankings shouldn’t be. …

Link Building Is Pure, Simple, Beautiful Marketing At Its Best

Link building has nothing to do with SEO. Don't believe me? Read this article by our thought leader Luana Spinetti.

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14 Reasons Link Building Belongs To Marketing (Not SEO Nor Google)
SiteFox – “The more sites that link to you, the more your credibility increases.“ SiteFox – “The more sites that link to you, the more your credibility i | WHSR

You Should Speed

Not on the road but on the Internet.

Because slow site speed kills conversion rates and Google rankings. 

It is no secret that Google is now using site speed as one of the ranking factors. Google Webmaster Central Blog made this official quite some time ago (see ref link below). And, Matt Cutts has repeatedly mentioned about the importance of website speed optimization in his videos and blogs. 


When I first learned about site speed affects rankings, I was like “Wow, I must do this!”. What’s come next is inevitably the question ‘how’. How do we speed up our websites? How do we measure the speed of our website and compare with others? How do we get things done without getting into too much technical details?

10 tips

Here's what I've learned and did in the past, in 10 very quick points:

1. Slim Down Your Site: Minify, compress, reduce – the lighter you are the faster you run.
2. Avoid Unnecessary HTTP 300′s, 400′s and 500′s: Cut down round trip time
3. Use CSS Sprites
4. Avoid Using CSS @import
5. Keep CMS updated
6. Cache All You Can Cache
7. Use a CDN
8. Host on a faster host
9. Optimize database
10. Place scripts at footer whenever possible

I am sure there are many other methods to get the job done, why not tell us yours – What’s your #1 tips for a non-techies to speed up their websites?

Reference – more tips and readings

My detail writeup –
Google Webmaster Blogpost –
Mashable infographic –


CSS Sprites tool –
Cache tool for WordPress –
Cache tool for Joomla – 
Database optimizer for WP –

C.C. +Mashable +MaxCDN 

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Moz’s data is showing that eBay lost around 75% of their terms from page one after…

Moz’s data is showing that eBay lost around 75% of their terms from page one after Panda 4.0 update. Thin content and aggressive internal linking on long tail keywords seem to be the cause. 

Question is: Why now?

eBay survived Panda updates for years with the same crappy content. Is this Google's reply to eBay's recent changes on their Adwords campaign? 

+Larry Kim – Panda 4.0: Why eBay Just Lost 80% of its Organic Rankings

"By knocking eBay's product listings pages out of the organic rankings, Google is forcing eBay to use product ads to stay in front of those searchers seeking information about specific types of products.

It would be easy to say that profit is the sole motive here, but this is actually good for users too. eBay’s “strategy” of pushing out millions of doorway and internal site search pages was spam by anyone’s definition. For commercial queries, Google shopping ads offer the most useful customer experience."


+Moz Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0 & eBay's Very Bad Day

"Over the course of about three days, eBay fell from #6 in our Big 10 to #25. Change is the norm for Google's SERPs, but this particular change is clearly out of place, historically speaking. eBay has been #6 in our Big 10 since March 1st, and prior to that primarily competed with for either the #6 or #7 place. The drop to #25 is very large. Overall, eBay has gone from right at 1% of the URLs in our data set down to 0.28%, dropping more than two-thirds of the ranking real-estate they previously held.

It is entirely possible that this is temporary, and it's not my intention to "out" eBay – I have no idea if they've done anything that merits major ranking changes. This could be a technical issue or a mistake on Google's part. It's also worth noting that these results only track the main eBay sub-domain (, not other ranking sub-domains, including" 


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Today's special on Google.

Today's special on Google.

Reshared post from +Google UK

Celebrating 40 years of the Rubik's Cube.

Today a special interactive #GoogleDoodle  celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube.

Visit to start playing – if you manage to complete the cube share your achievements with others – click on the #rubikscube hashtag to see who has completed the cube already.


Blogging – are you doing it wrong? Here are the 10 stupid mistakes to avoid when…

Blogging – are you doing it wrong? Here are the 10 stupid mistakes to avoid when you are starting a blog. If you could turn back time, what are the things you would teach yourself before starting a blog? 

Infographic source: 

150 Baby-Themed Icons for FREE

So far we have released more than 600 free, original icons on WHSR – and we will be doing a lot more in the coming months. 

In this baby-series, we are giving out 150 baby-themed free icons in .svg. If you are working on a baby-themed infographic (for baby names, baby accessories, child care business, baby fashions, moms blog, etc) – these icons would be the perfect fit.

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Building An Online Business without Google Search


Following up on Google’s recent open attack on MyBlogGuest (MGB), one of my writers at WHSR, Luana, interviewed Ann Smarty and took a closer look on your Internet marketing options without Google.

I can so relate to Luana’s article as all my sites were wiped off from Google in 2012 during Penguin updates. My business revenue goes from 5 figures monthly to almost zero.

Yes, from hero to zero, in just a snap of the almighty Google’s finger.

In case you had the same experience – you would appreciate this article like I do.

Some key takeaways from the article:

  • Google’s attack on MBG seems irrational to many – Google Analytics blog publishes guest posts without a nofollow too. Do as we say, not as we do; eh?
  • Google’s ban is not the end of world – “Forget about Google”, says Ann Smarty.
  • To build traffics without Google, Ann suggested: Influencers outreach, content repackaging, and building an email list.
  • Some other ways that you can grow your online business without Google include local directory listing, blogger outreach, word-of-mouth marketing, offline event sponsorships, and forums marketing.
  • The key point is to learn how to market website like Google doesn’t exist.
  • Luana wish everyone can stop acting like Google’s webslave and ‘help bring linking and content creation back in the hands to the real masters – the webmasters’.

Yes, we can’t ignore the fact that  most of Internet activities start with a search and Google is simply the most lucrative source of targeted visitors. >Without Google, you’ll have to work a lot more harder and your business will simply grow slower. But a business relying on just one revenue source is simply too risky.