How to spend your first $100 on FB ad?

I'm in the mid of re-learning everything I knew about facebook advertising and bumped into this post by +noah kagan. Definitely the best FB newbie guide. Ever. 

Key Takeaways

The post deserves a thorough read (twice, at least) but here are couple of key points to chew on.

– Profit is all that matters, not CTR.
– Use the 'Learn More' button.
– Forget about ads on right sidebar (this tele with my experience too).
– Forget about page 'Likes' unless your intention is to brag about it in your next friends reunion party.
– Be as specific as possible on targeted audience (Noah suggests less than 10,000).
– Measure your results (that's for sure!)

How to spend your first $100 in Facebook Ads
The whole Facebook ads world can be very confusing. Target this interest, don’t do this hack, make sure to exclude certain people. Good lord, where to e

[Caution: Rants ahead.]

Too many people think that they are SEO experts just because they read every SEO article published by the famous and watch every video from Matt Cutts. 

But nope, it doesn't work that way. 

A real SEO never takes in others' opinion blindly. We setup multiple sites for experiment purposes. We track Google SERPs and study our competitors more often than we should. And our decisions are always based a mix of analytic data and industrial instinct.  

Deep inside, many of us don't give a shit about the color of our hat. As long as the site ranks and banks – that's what the folks said. We diversify and expand as much we can – risk management is the name of game.

So… are you a real SEO?

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A good SEO does more than just reading. 

Problem is, Google IS the largest scraper on the planet

How do I report that? Hmmm…

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Google Scraper Report Form

+Matt Cutts Tweeted this link our today to a Scraper Report form. I like it, though I wonder if it's really necessary to demonstrate the search result where the scraper might be ranking. Shouldn't we just burn scrapers in a a blue flame bon-fire anyway?

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Pretty neat sum up on long tail KWs

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Infographic: The Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO

Long tail SEO is a lesser-known, yet incredibly powerful technique for building up your organic search engine traffic. Research suggests that long tail keywords are easier to rank for, bring in more combined traffic, and convert more visitors to customers than head keywords.

Learn more about the power of long tail SEO in this infographic:

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For more detail on Long Tail Keyword, read this article :

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Snake Oil SEO

Every time when I got SEO expert’s advice that “to rank high on Google, you need to have all the keywords added into your keyword meta”.

(Don’t be surprised! There are still plenty of people buying into this shit nowadays – especially local brick-n-mortal businessmen here.)