WP Engine Review (Updated Jan 2015)

I'm having this love-hate relationship with WP Engine since 2012. It all started when I interviewed the company co-founder in 2011 (read http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/interviews/interview-with-wp-engine-co-founder-jason-cohen/). I was truly impressed by the vision of this company.

And these guys are more than just good in PR. They delivered!

The good – What I like about WP Engine (back in 2012)

I switched to WP Engine in early 2012. The migration process was 100% taken care by the helpful support team, site load time improved >100% instantly (see attached image), and I do not have to worry about site downtime or being hacked.

The bad – $29/mo and no email hosting

– $29/mo for hosting a single blog less than 25,000 visits is not cheap. 
– No email hosting. 

The ugly – something's not right!

But like many other great companies, I believe WP Engine had hard times handling their exponential growth in business. Customer experience dropped drastically, slow site load time, and a few of us caught WP Engine practicing some naughty SEO tricks on customers' sites. 

Fixing the damage

In regards of the negative feedbacks, Jason Cohen, co-founder of WP Engine, wrote the following in May 21, 2014:

To anyone that has had a support issue in the past, or is having one now, I would like to say I’m sorry for your experience. But as you can see, we’ve been busy. We will continue to improve, and are seeing our current efforts working on many fronts. We do this because we love every customer here at WP Engine and your success is incredibly important to us.

The last thing we can be right now is complacent. We are guided by staying humble, staying honest, and working hard. If things are pointing in the right direction, that’s great. The moment we stop being hungry, stop reading those UNSAT’s, stop striving to become better, that will be the beginning of the end.

Is WP Engine a go?

So should you host your WP sites at WP Engine? Well I cannot be 100% sure about this. 

The choice is yours. 

Personally I would love to give great company like them a second chance. After all what these guys did initially were revolutionary and superb. Good thing is that WP Engine does not lock in their customers (you can pay month-by-month) and offers a 60-day risk free trial period (simple cancel your subscription and get a full refund). 

Resources – Learn more 

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WP Engine Review: My WPEngine experience + uptime analysis

A2 Optimized – Load your WP sites 6x faster?

Check out +A2 Hosting recent-launched WordPress optimization plugin – A2 Optimized – a pre-configured for A2 servers WordPress optimization plugin.

Exclusive for A2 users, the plugin provides auto configuration for your WordPress sites so you get the best out of WordPress. The officials claims that the plugin ends ‘the guesswork of how to get the fastest WordPress page loads’ and allows users with the following functions:

Auto-server configuration – 6x faster WordPress page loads
– Unique WordPress login URL
– Automatic A2 Optimized updates
– ReCaptcha on WordPress login page

What does this mean to you?

Apparently, non-WordPress users will not be affected.

On the other hand for WordPress users, this means your sites get faster load time and better security. While you can probably achieve more or less the same results with Total WP Cache and iThemes Security; the pre server configuration sounds tempting. I will post more updates when I get time to test on this.

Learn More

Meanwhile, check out official setup and configuration guide here: http://bit.ly/a2optimized

My A2Hosting Review – http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/hosting-review/a2-hosting/

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This was first posted in 2013 – Learn how hosting +Web Hosting Secret Revealed on…

This was first posted in 2013 – Learn how hosting +Web Hosting Secret Revealed on a better web host improved site load time for more than 100% instantly. 

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Reshared post from +Jerry Low

How much can a web host affect your site speed?

Answer: A lot. 

More than a year ago I moved one of my sites to WP Engine – a powerful WordPress-only hosting; and the difference is shown in the graphic below (screen captured from Pingdom).

Site load time dropped from 900+ milliseconds to 500 milliseconds (almost 100% improvement) instantly after the switch.

Lesson learned

If you are having hard time trying to improve your site load time, do not ruled out the fundamentals (eg. web hosting) too easily. Sometimes the easiest solution could be the best.  

You can learn more about my WP Engine experience and reviews here: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/hosting-review/wp-engine/.

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Is overselling ethical? Will hosting your site on a overselling web host cause disaster?…

Is overselling ethical? Will hosting your site on a overselling web host cause disaster? Can hosting price be this low without the practice? What are your options for non-overselling web host? 

Here's everything you need to know about overselling AND list of some really good no overselling web hosts. 

Click here: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/no-overselling-web-host-what-are-your-options/

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Save 50% on Krellen Hosting

Coupon code: HALFOFF
Details: One-time 50% discount on Krellen’s hosting service.

About Krellen

Krellen has been providing professional, reliable web hosting services since 2001. Based in the USA, they have shared hosting servers strategically located at data centers in Las Vegas, Seattle and New York. The company take pride in its commitment to providing clients with a superior web hosting experience.


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Original link: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/discount-freebies/web-hosting-coupons/krellen-promo-coupon-halfoff/

Krellen Promo Coupon: HALFOFF
Visit the post for more.

iPage hosting problems and complaints (and how to deal with it)

There are pros and cons to +iPage hosting service. iPage is somewhat a case of “you get what you pay for” – after all, you can’t expect premium hosting services and support when you are paying just pennies for the service.

In this article, we dived deep into web hosting at iPage and talked about some of the common problems and complaints. I hope that by seeing both sides of things, you will be able to better decide whether iPage is a feasible hosting option for you.

Issues covered include:

#1: Expensive Renewal Prices
#2: Limited server upgrading option
#3. Upselling to existing customers
#4. Customer Support 

For more detail review on iPage, also read – http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/hosting-review/ipage/ at +Web Hosting Secret Revealed 

iPage Complaints and Problems (and how to deal with them)
When things first got started back in late 1990’s, there were very limited options in hosting. But as options diversified, hosting providers began to speci

Updated IXWebHosting Review

Do you know – +IX Web Hosting has been around for more than 15 years?

During this one-and-half decades, the company has survived two major economy crashes (dot-com and subprime mortgage crisis) and one big change in hosting business landscape (EIG acquired some of the biggest hosting brands). As 63% of U.S. IT businesses failed their first five years (and 71% of all businesses failed during their first 10 years), what IX achieved is simply remarkable.

My experience with IXWebHosting

I have signed up and tried IXWebHosting services once in 2012 and I am currently testing the web host for second time (thanks to Stepan who gave me a free account).

The attached link is an updated version of my IXWebHosting review (published on +Web Hosting Secret Revealed). In case you wonder if IX is right for you, this is the post to read. 

Quick review

In a nutshell, here are the pros and cons –

The Good's

Generous dedicated IP offers – Dedicated IP is a big advantage for many!

Affordable – Great price in relation to features.

English-speaking customer service reps located onsite – Great feature especially for US customers.

Reliable server – 99.9% uptime guarantee  (see IXWebHosting uptime review below).

Honest business practice – As mentioned, I bought an account in 2012 and cancelled within the free trial period. IXWebHosting refunded my money the next day with no question asked.

The Bad's 

Control panel – not easy to use.

Dig deeper 

Detail review, here: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/hosting-review/ix-web-hosting/ 

IXWebHosting June – July 2014 uptime score: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IX-Hosting-Uptime-Score-June-21-July-22-2014.jpg 

Special discount for IXWebHosting (affiliate link): http://is.gd/d4XINO

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IX Web Hosting Review: Pros & Cons, Hosting Features & Editor’s Comment

Web Hosting Myths Debunked

While there are plenty of excellent hosting providers out there, it’s all too easy for first-timer  to be tricked with less than transparent offerings. if you are tired of being stuck with another lousy web host – here are the 5 myths you need to debunk before making the next purchase. 

Myth #1 – All hosting providers are the same
Myth #2 – Free is the best 
Myth #3 – All cheap hosting sucks!
Myth #4 – You need to be an IT expert to run your own site (biggest bullshit!)
Myth #5 – Find a web host with 0 negative reviews


Details, read: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/5-web-hosting-myths/

I hope this article helps you become a wiser hosting shopper. 

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Web Hosting Basics – What are your choices?

Usually when we talk about hosting, it simply means the companies that manage and rent out web servers for profit. There are four major types of web hosting services nowadays, namely Shared, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most popular hosting options for beginners and owners of small-to-mid websites due to its affordable pricing and user friendliness. As the name implies, your websites are hosted on a server that also hosts other sites. We call sites hosted on the same servers “neighbors”. Your sites will be sharing server resources and IP address (generally speaking) with their neighbors.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is also known as Virtual Dedicated Hosting. This hosting option is one step above shared hosting but one step below dedicated hosting. From the outside, VPS works just like shared hosting – a large server is divided into smaller pieces and distributed to different users. But from the inside, everything is different – VPS hosting users will have full access to the server root (this means better server controls and security) and better hosting quality (as VPS is normally shared by less number of users).

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting offers maximum control and server power as the users own the entire server – the server is yours and yours alone. There are generally two options when it comes to dedicate hosting – managed dedicated hosting and unmanaged dedicated hosting. For managed dedicated hosting, the hosting companies will help manage the servers on behalf of their users; managed dedicated hosting, on the other hand, requires the users to configure and manage everything by themselves.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is “hosting on demand” – you only pay for the hosting resources you need (or use). It’s a type of web hosting that spreads the load of hosting across multiple physical servers. Cloud hosting eliminates single point of failure (as there are always another server ready to backup the failed ones) and it’s very suitable for websites that have a lot of traffics on certain days but low traffics on the other.

Further reading:

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Infographic by +InMotion Hosting – Where Does Your Website Live?
URL: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/blog/where-does-your-website-live-infographic/

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Disaster! Thousands of New Zealand websites could be deleted after major failures…

Disaster! Thousands of New Zealand websites could be deleted after major failures from a local web hosting company – 24/7 Hosting.

This is exactly why you shouldn't leave everything to the same party on Internet. Spread your risks to at least two separated parties – register domain separately from a web host. 

More tips on protecting yourself from a failing hosting/domain company: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/keep-your-site-in-a-good-light-protecting-yourself-from-a-bad-host/ 

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Thousands of NZ websites could be deleted – Story – NZ News – 3 News