So, You Saw My Name Card!


You must have seen my name card and followed the link to this page.

Hello (Again)!

In case I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself – I am Jerry Low. Geek dad, SEO junkie, affiliate marketer, and blogger.

I started running web business in 2004 and founded WebRevenue Inc. in 2009.


I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas in digital marketing, SEO, and professional blogging. Some of my writings can be found on Business.comKinstaHostingerSocial Media TodayPro BloggerBusiness 2 Community, and Advance Web Ranking.


I am proud to be featured in a number of interviews (THANK YOU!) including First Site GuideKevin MuldoonMedia ShowerReply All, and Hosting Advice.


Projects I am actively working on include:

Web Hosting Secret Revealed
Build This
Host Score


Here are a number of ways to reach me online.


About this blog

Initially this blog is setup to re-port whatever I have shared and posted on Google+. It’s now a personal space where I share my thoughts, findings on SEO and digital marketing, as well as other random business ideas.

It’s a pleasure to e-meet you.