How to grow without Google Search?

Hey we all knew Google traffics are sweet. But building an online business solely on Google search traffics is not a smart move. 

Google is just way far from consistent – and consistency and reliability are important. 

Too many sites have been unwittingly turned upside down overnight when Google updates its algorithms. Not only do the algorithm changes mean needing to find how to increase your ranking with the new algorithm; it also means that your previously great search listing might now be all but invisible.

All of this considered, there are numerous ways to grow your blog and increase traffic outside of Google’s organic search listings – and if you want to learn how – go check out my first guest post on +Shane Barker – where I shared three of my best tips in growing a blog without Google Search (featuring a few examples including my guest post on +Adam Connell blog). 

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How to Grow Your Blog Outside of Google Organic Search – Shane Barker
Bloggers, and really anyone who runs a website, can appreciate the importance of a great Google organic search ranking… heck, that’s why there is an entire industry devoted to improving search rankings (SEO specialists). However, Google organic search rankings are not the only way that visitors find your website – and the rankings shouldn’t be. …

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