How to spend your first $100 on FB ad?

I'm in the mid of re-learning everything I knew about facebook advertising and bumped into this post by +noah kagan. Definitely the best FB newbie guide. Ever. 

Key Takeaways

The post deserves a thorough read (twice, at least) but here are couple of key points to chew on.

– Profit is all that matters, not CTR.
– Use the 'Learn More' button.
– Forget about ads on right sidebar (this tele with my experience too).
– Forget about page 'Likes' unless your intention is to brag about it in your next friends reunion party.
– Be as specific as possible on targeted audience (Noah suggests less than 10,000).
– Measure your results (that's for sure!)

How to spend your first $100 in Facebook Ads
The whole Facebook ads world can be very confusing. Target this interest, don’t do this hack, make sure to exclude certain people. Good lord, where to e

10 thoughts on “How to spend your first $100 on FB ad?”

  1. I'm just not seeing anything better anymore on Facebook these days.  I hate paying for engagement!  This was a great post though and I can appreciate it, but I really don't like Facebook that much.  However, I know other people are really killing it over there.

  2. +Wade Harman No worries, always appreciate a good discussion and learn something from it. 

    FB is one of the fastest way to expand our reach, get quick results and boost revenue. So if we are looking purely from a business perspective, why not pay for engagement and grow? 

    Plus, the money paid to FB Ad could mean more than just engagement. 

    What I see good about FB Ad (for now) is that the platform is giving out lots of valuable data and control to the advertisers – which we can use it instantly to fine tune our entire marketing or even product development campaign. 

  3. +Wade Harman True. But as time goes on, I could see a case were it will start to cost money just to remain relevant on a lot of channels. Even if the channel is still free.

    Another thing to consider is that I think a lot of businesses see content marketing as a free way to advertise. And can be a great way to build a little "marketing sweat equity."

    But at the same time, if you do have a budget to put behind the projects, you can do some really cool stuff.

    For example Mobile Live HOA's, weekly comics, animated videos, etc.

  4. I definitely see your point +Bobby Bryant, but I still can't wrap my head around paying for engagement that should already be there in the first place. I think my FB page has around 3,200 fans.

    None of those people see my posts! What's the point of marketing on Facebook in 2014 if it's going to be like that? In the end, EdgeRank screws us all

  5. +Wade Harman I totally agree with you on Facebook. You take all that time building an audience and then you have to pay for access to them. It's messed up. 
    Which brings up another good ole discussion. :) The debate about publishing on rented land. 
    Ah the fun and challenging times of an online marketer. distribution vs. ownership.

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