Not sure if the new Google+ view counts is here to stay or not

But here's a very detail essay on the new feature by +Mark Traphagen 

The post covers pretty much everything you need to know about G+ view counts, including:

– What view counts are and what generates them
– Why Google+ implemented them
– How to evaluate them
– Why they’ve replaced the Page +1 count 
– How important they are (or aren’t!)

Reshared post from +Kristoffer Howes

How Important Should Google+ View Count be to You?
As some of you may have noticed view counts now appear on Google+ pages and profiles next to the follower count. What are Google+ view count numbers?

In this comprehensive blog post by +Mark Traphagen we get some insight into:

> What are view counts and what generates them?
> Why did Google+ implemented them?
> How do you evaluate them?
> Why have they replaced the Page +1 count?
> How important are they to you?

… a view count may be a good indication of whether or not a particular user or brand is actually creating engaging content and is active on Google+. If I see someone with a lot of followers but a relatively low view count, I’ll be suspicious that they may be gaming followers instead of earning them. – Mark Traphagen, Sr. Director of Online Marketing for +Stone Temple Consulting.

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