Blogging is something easy to start but difficult to master

This (very) long post discussed about both the easy part (1. Get a domain and web host, 2. Install WordPress, and 3. Publishing your first blogpost) and the advance level (such as how WordPress works, what are the right plugins to use, and how to develop a beautiful blog by yourself) in blogging. 

To newbies – this is the "go-to article" if you want a blog but do not know where to start. Feel free to leave a question at the comment section if you have one – our team would be more than happy to help! ;) 

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How to Start A Blog in 15 Minutes – Must Read Blogging Guide for Newbies
Starting a blog is not as difficult as it seems. Sure, it could get very tricky in the later stage; but generally speaking, blogging is do-able for everyone who has a computer with an Internet connection. And guess what, I am going to teach you how to get a blog up and running in the next 15 minute…