Are blogger trips an example of poverty tourism?

Over the past few years, more and more charitable organizations have enlisted the help of bloggers to market the work that they do. For some organizations, this has looked like product reviews or storytelling.

Other charities have planned trips in which high-profile bloggers are invited to see first-hand what the organization does, and then in turn, to share that story with their audience. Organizations like Compassion, Food for the Hungry, and World Vision have done such trips for years, but more recently even more organizations have decided to utilize this model as a marketing tool.

What are your thoughts in this?

– Are such blogger trips helpful (or, necessary)?
– How is a blogger trip different than a short-term mission trip?
– Are bloggers exploiting the stories of impoverished people?
– Why do poor people need bloggers to tell their story?

Read +Kristen Howerton's view on the issues at Rage Against the Minivan –

And, as a pro blogger or social media marketer, can we do more than just story-telling and marketing?

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