Quiz time

Which of the following pictures gets the most clicks in my recent Facebook ad test? 

Was it –
A. An asian girl looking slightly above towards audience, or
B. A picture of SOHO work space that (might) intrigue viewers' emotion, or
C. A picture of an exotic animal that look into viewers' direction?


…… ……

So did you spend time to think about it?

The answer is A.An asian girl looking slightly above towards audience.

Not a big surprise though – as studies have shown again and again that photos of people (females, especially) draw most attention on Facebook (and most other social media platforms).

What amazed me is the huge difference (in results) between picture A with the other two. In one recent ad setI ran on Facebook, picture A were better in term of engagement/impression (by 135%+ vs the loser – picture B),  CTR (by 120%), and costs (by ~200%). 

Moral of the story – Testing your ads with photos of people (you might also want to try out different combination – female vs male vs male and female) always. 

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