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Social Media Design Sizing Blueprint 2015 [Infographic]
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The importance of a social media cover photo can be described when someone understands the importance of cover letter with a resume; time is money here, say quickly and say all. Your cover snap presents a great detail about you, your brand, and anything, within a pinch. These cover photos put a great and accurate impact upon the visitor’s mind regarding your product or mindset. 

However, designing social media cover photos have gone pretty tricky these days, especially for those who use it in a professional way. In fact, needless here is to mention about the habit of social media platforms to revamp their layout patterns that certainly involves something with works like cropping, resizing, etc. 

And, each time you can't spend huge money with designers for the purpose. Hence, the best way is to go through the cheat sheet for social media cover photo dimensions. The #infographic below, created by +CoversHub, presents a nice cover photo cheat sheet that holds most upgraded cover picture dimension for major social platforms – #Facebook#Twitter#LinkedIn#YouTube and #Googleplus  – that can be really useful for you on this regard.

See the complete and larger image here: http://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2015/01/social-media-design-specs-blueprint-2015-infographic.html

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The ultimate 2014 SMM guide for all bloggers and SMM managers

Epic SMM tips written by +Luana Spinetti – featuring pro tips from +Pauline Cabrera +Kristoffer Howes +Irfan Ahmad +Devesh Sharma – covering the basic marketing tips for the big 7 (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and YouTube) as well as some smaller networks including Xing, MosaicHub, E Factor, and the red hot Ello.co. 

Key takeaways

– Social Media Marketing is really Relationship Marketing.
– SMM is not about numbers— it’s about people. Numbers are a consequence of a warm approach to marketing that puts the user (a person!) first.
– There are endless social platforms out there. Focus on one platform, master it and then move to next platform.

Grab a cup of coffee, read this now: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/socialmedia-marketing/social-media-marketing-basics-the-2014-starter-guide-for-smm-managers/?utm_source=googleplus&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=bigsmm

Image credit – Chris Lott  https://www.flickr.com/photos/42769910@N00/6847365223/

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