My first guest post on +ABCD Blogging 

My first guest post on +ABCD Blogging . In case you are in the search for the right web host, here are 15 questions to ask your hosting companies. 

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The 15 Must-Ask Questions for Web Host Shoppers
10SHARES Blogging is an exciting and rewarding endeavor – but for first time bloggers, getting started can be a bit like navigating through a field of landmines. Pick the wrong route and it jeopardizes your entire mission… and no choice is more important than your web host. Shopping for a web host is a critical part of getting your blog up and …

You Should Speed

Not on the road but on the Internet.

Because slow site speed kills conversion rates and Google rankings. 

It is no secret that Google is now using site speed as one of the ranking factors. Google Webmaster Central Blog made this official quite some time ago (see ref link below). And, Matt Cutts has repeatedly mentioned about the importance of website speed optimization in his videos and blogs. 


When I first learned about site speed affects rankings, I was like “Wow, I must do this!”. What’s come next is inevitably the question ‘how’. How do we speed up our websites? How do we measure the speed of our website and compare with others? How do we get things done without getting into too much technical details?

10 tips

Here's what I've learned and did in the past, in 10 very quick points:

1. Slim Down Your Site: Minify, compress, reduce – the lighter you are the faster you run.
2. Avoid Unnecessary HTTP 300′s, 400′s and 500′s: Cut down round trip time
3. Use CSS Sprites
4. Avoid Using CSS @import
5. Keep CMS updated
6. Cache All You Can Cache
7. Use a CDN
8. Host on a faster host
9. Optimize database
10. Place scripts at footer whenever possible

I am sure there are many other methods to get the job done, why not tell us yours – What’s your #1 tips for a non-techies to speed up their websites?

Reference – more tips and readings

My detail writeup –
Google Webmaster Blogpost –
Mashable infographic –


CSS Sprites tool –
Cache tool for WordPress –
Cache tool for Joomla – 
Database optimizer for WP –

C.C. +Mashable +MaxCDN 

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Disaster! Thousands of New Zealand websites could be deleted after major failures…

Disaster! Thousands of New Zealand websites could be deleted after major failures from a local web hosting company – 24/7 Hosting.

This is exactly why you shouldn't leave everything to the same party on Internet. Spread your risks to at least two separated parties – register domain separately from a web host. 

More tips on protecting yourself from a failing hosting/domain company: 

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Thousands of NZ websites could be deleted – Story – NZ News – 3 News

[Infographic] Wonder what are the options you have in web hosting?

Searching for a web host can be a tedious job, especially if you are doing it for the first time and don’t know what to look for. While my hosting reviews and articles might help in separating the good hosts from the bad ones, you are the only one who can determine which web host is the right one for yourself.

Questions to ask include (but not limited to): Do you need a very secured hosting environment? How much server control do you need? Do you have excessive budget for a premium hosting? How much web traffic are you expecting? Do you run application that requires intensive processing power? Can your website tolerates with certain level of downtime?

Answering these questions lead us to the next key question: What are your choices? The following infographic has the answer. 

If you need more details or simply wish to share this infographic on your blog, please visit the original post at; HTML codes are provided after the image.

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