Good read for bloggers who want to make more money (who doesn't?). 

Here are some of Michael’s ideas –

1. Write an ebook
2. Create a course
3. Promote affiliate products
4. Selling email promotions
5. Online coaching
6. Membership site / private forum
7. Host surveys for other companies
8. Selling ad space
9. …

(There are 23 of them in original post; I’ll let you find out yourself.)

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23 Clever Ways to Monetize Your Blog
Learn 23 ways to monetize your blog, from ebooks to courses to Facebook advertising.

This goes into my Evernote instantly

Great case study on +Authority Hacker answering questions including: 

– Where does the money come from?
– Where does the profit come from?
– What metrics correlate the most with higher revenue?
– Male Vs. Females – Who earns the most?

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How 23 Bloggers Made $905,722 in March 2015
Learn how 23 top bloggers made close to a million dollars in just 30 days. In depth analysis, stats, correlation, we uncover everything!