Very useful SEO read + one personal actionable tip

One, Read the post. Every single experiment listed in the post worth more than a ton of gold.

Two, As CTR affects your rankings at Google, here's one thing you can do to improve your site SEO instantly –

1 – Go to Google Search Consolve (previously G Webmaster Tools)
2 – Go Search Traffic > Search Analytics > Generate a list of 100 queries with CTR & Position data
3 – Export the data, open the file in Excel
4 – Compare each page's CTR with the average value of your top 100 queries
5 – Look at pages with low CTR and fine tune onpage factors (such as title tag and description)
6 – Win! :)

Have fun!

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16 SEO Experiments And Their (Surprising) Results
What you thought to be true about SEO is about to change. The most surprising scientifically backed SEO experiments and how to take advantage of them.

TIL the number one spots on Google worth averagely 13.4% more than #2 – #10

The Surprise Discovery Wayfair Made About Organic Rankings And Conversions
After a Google algorithm update boosted its rankings, e-commerce retailer Wayfair discovered that ranking #1 is even more crucial than previously thought. Wayfair’s Alex Stein shares his findings.

An awesome article by +Danny Sullivan on how one part of the modern search engine…

An awesome article by +Danny Sullivan on how one part of the modern search engine works. Absolutely overwhelmed by its complexity – The moment we click "Search", magic happens.

What is RankBrain

RankBrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search results, as was reported by Bloomberg and also confirmed to us by Google.

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FAQ: All About The New Google RankBrain Algorithm
Google’s using a machine learning technology called RankBrain to help deliver its search results. Here’s what’s we know about it so far.

Besides the mystery change in search algo, it seems that Google is also experimenting…

Besides the mystery change in search algo, it seems that Google is also experimenting with rich snippets display. Some searchers are seeing green stars instead of yellow (see image below).

Anyone seeing the same thing? 

Image credit – Andem from WW 

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Should you outsource your SEO campaign? And, how?

Personally I don't think SEO is something you should fully outsourced – especially for small business owners. The really good SEOs are probably too busy working for their own sites (and even if they work for you, it'd cost you an arm and leg); and the average ones probably will not have the vision and necessary skills/knowledge. 

The best way to do so – as I mentioned in the comment – is to learn things yourself and take the lead in the campaign; but outsource the grunt work to smaller/cost-effective web service providers. 


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Outsourcing SEO the Way You Want It
Things Business Owners Need to Know

SEO is a lot of work and you have a lot of ways to get someone else to do it for you. If you are new to this then read this.

This is my latest Blog Post so please check it out and share it if you like it. 

Thanks! :)

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Outsource SEO to the Philippines | How Do You Like It Done?
SEO in the Philippines is an up and coming industry but internationally, it’s one of the top destinations to outsource SEO work to. Curious? Read on.

Another round of Google Penguin update kicks in just yesterday (verified news)

If you were hit – piece of advice from someone who have been there – don't panic and rush to any conclusion… yet.

Also, I would avoid reading any SEO- and Penguin-related article and forum threads (except of the official announcement that I just shared below) for the next few days. It's just too much noise right now.

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Google Releases First Penguin Update In Over A Year
Google has confirmed with us that they have updated the Penguin algorithm over the weekend. Starting late Friday night, savvy SEOs began noticing major cha

Why your #1 Google rank site will never get clicked.

Why your #1 Google rank site will never get clicked.

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Took my kids to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & searched for an awesome scene when I got home. Google provided the exact scene in Super-Size Video SERP mode. Hard to not click on the first result, right? But that's pretty much what I wanted… :)  #seo    cc: +Pete Meyers 

You Should Speed

Not on the road but on the Internet.

Because slow site speed kills conversion rates and Google rankings. 

It is no secret that Google is now using site speed as one of the ranking factors. Google Webmaster Central Blog made this official quite some time ago (see ref link below). And, Matt Cutts has repeatedly mentioned about the importance of website speed optimization in his videos and blogs. 


When I first learned about site speed affects rankings, I was like “Wow, I must do this!”. What’s come next is inevitably the question ‘how’. How do we speed up our websites? How do we measure the speed of our website and compare with others? How do we get things done without getting into too much technical details?

10 tips

Here's what I've learned and did in the past, in 10 very quick points:

1. Slim Down Your Site: Minify, compress, reduce – the lighter you are the faster you run.
2. Avoid Unnecessary HTTP 300′s, 400′s and 500′s: Cut down round trip time
3. Use CSS Sprites
4. Avoid Using CSS @import
5. Keep CMS updated
6. Cache All You Can Cache
7. Use a CDN
8. Host on a faster host
9. Optimize database
10. Place scripts at footer whenever possible

I am sure there are many other methods to get the job done, why not tell us yours – What’s your #1 tips for a non-techies to speed up their websites?

Reference – more tips and readings

My detail writeup –
Google Webmaster Blogpost –
Mashable infographic –


CSS Sprites tool –
Cache tool for WordPress –
Cache tool for Joomla – 
Database optimizer for WP –

C.C. +Mashable +MaxCDN 

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Moz’s data is showing that eBay lost around 75% of their terms from page one after…

Moz’s data is showing that eBay lost around 75% of their terms from page one after Panda 4.0 update. Thin content and aggressive internal linking on long tail keywords seem to be the cause. 

Question is: Why now?

eBay survived Panda updates for years with the same crappy content. Is this Google's reply to eBay's recent changes on their Adwords campaign? 

+Larry Kim – Panda 4.0: Why eBay Just Lost 80% of its Organic Rankings

"By knocking eBay's product listings pages out of the organic rankings, Google is forcing eBay to use product ads to stay in front of those searchers seeking information about specific types of products.

It would be easy to say that profit is the sole motive here, but this is actually good for users too. eBay’s “strategy” of pushing out millions of doorway and internal site search pages was spam by anyone’s definition. For commercial queries, Google shopping ads offer the most useful customer experience."


+Moz Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0 & eBay's Very Bad Day

"Over the course of about three days, eBay fell from #6 in our Big 10 to #25. Change is the norm for Google's SERPs, but this particular change is clearly out of place, historically speaking. eBay has been #6 in our Big 10 since March 1st, and prior to that primarily competed with for either the #6 or #7 place. The drop to #25 is very large. Overall, eBay has gone from right at 1% of the URLs in our data set down to 0.28%, dropping more than two-thirds of the ranking real-estate they previously held.

It is entirely possible that this is temporary, and it's not my intention to "out" eBay – I have no idea if they've done anything that merits major ranking changes. This could be a technical issue or a mistake on Google's part. It's also worth noting that these results only track the main eBay sub-domain (, not other ranking sub-domains, including" 


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Problem is, Google IS the largest scraper on the planet

How do I report that? Hmmm…

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Google Scraper Report Form

+Matt Cutts Tweeted this link our today to a Scraper Report form. I like it, though I wonder if it's really necessary to demonstrate the search result where the scraper might be ranking. Shouldn't we just burn scrapers in a a blue flame bon-fire anyway?

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