3 Ways to Use Visual Marketing to Boost Your Holiday Facebook Campaign

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3 Ways to Use Visual Marketing to Boost Your Holiday Facebook Campaign

Worried that you waited too long to launch your holiday Facebook campaign?

I have some great news — you haven't!

There is still time to leverage Facebook to increase your sales this season, but the time to get started is TODAY!

Experts say almost half of all holiday shopping this year (window shopping and buying) will be done online!

This means you have a huge opportunity to increase your revenue through Facebook over the holidays.

One of the most powerful ways to get noticed online this season is to use stunning holiday visuals in your Facebook campaign to drive additional sales.

In this infographic, we’ll show you 11 epic (and very festive) ways to get visual with your holiday Facebook campaign! http://rebekahr.com/1ShNGVg

Here's 3 to get you started…

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Quiz time

Which of the following pictures gets the most clicks in my recent Facebook ad test? 

Was it –
A. An asian girl looking slightly above towards audience, or
B. A picture of SOHO work space that (might) intrigue viewers' emotion, or
C. A picture of an exotic animal that look into viewers' direction?


…… ……

So did you spend time to think about it?

The answer is A.An asian girl looking slightly above towards audience.

Not a big surprise though – as studies have shown again and again that photos of people (females, especially) draw most attention on Facebook (and most other social media platforms).

What amazed me is the huge difference (in results) between picture A with the other two. In one recent ad setI ran on Facebook, picture A were better in term of engagement/impression (by 135%+ vs the loser – picture B),  CTR (by 120%), and costs (by ~200%). 

Moral of the story – Testing your ads with photos of people (you might also want to try out different combination – female vs male vs male and female) always. 

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Which Social Media Platform Should Your Business Be On?

Maybe you feel stretched thin across all your social media accounts, or haven’t even gotten started yet because you’re frozen by “analysis paralysis.”

When it comes to marketing your business, social media isn’t just fun and games. There’s content strategizing and campaign planning, update optimization, ROI tracking, and more to worry about.

But even before all that, you have to decide which social media networks you’re going to join.

Top Social Media Platforms & Their Audiences

With limited time and resources, how do you choose which social media networks to invest your time in?

This recent article by +KeriLynn Engel might have an answer for you – http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/socialmedia-marketing/which-social-media-platform-should-your-business-be-on/ 

Chart credit – http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/01/09/social-media-update-2014/ 

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You should promote your website as if Google Search never exist

How to Grow Your Business Without Google Search
Can’t keep up with Google Search updates? You’re not alone. Here are 5 ways to grow your online presence without relying on Google Search.

Who Rules the Social Web?

An updated version on some key social media network stats (Nov 2014). The most comprehensive (and beautiful) one I found so far. 

This could be a good info source for your next blogpost.

Some key findings (compare to 2012 stats) –

– Large, key networks Pinterest, Snapchat and Tumblr continue to draw a higher female audience.
– Most matriarchies remain matriarchies, bar Facebook (previously 58% female) now equalised to gender balance.
– Previously male-dominated sites Last.fm, YouTube, Stumbleupon, DeviantArt have become more equalised.
– But only Flickr of the previous patriarchies has flipped to a more matriarchal balance.
– More tech-cultured oriented networks Reddit & Google+ have become less male dominated. Google+ now 57% men vs 64% in 2012. Reddit now 60% men vs 74% in 2012.
– And sadly, Orkut, Bebo, and Friendfeed is out of the picture.

Learn more

Dig deeper (warning: data geeks only): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aqe2P9sYhZ2ndE9hMHprLVBacElTV2FETFI4S1hLWlE&usp=sharing#gid=9

Infographic credit: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/2014/who-rules-the-social-web-2/

cc. +Lori Soard +Gina Badalaty +Jason Chow +Pauline Cabrera +Adam Connell +Devesh Sharma +Daren Low +Sue Anne Dunlevie +KeriLynn Engel  

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7 Smart Small Business Strategies to Get Noticed on Social Media

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7 Smart Small Business Strategies to Get Noticed on Social Media
Marketing your small business on social media continues to evolve.

As consumers actively look to sites like Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter prior to making purchase decisions, it’s no longer a matter of if you should get active, but how fast you can create a viable presence.

I recently had the chance to speak with a group of college students about social media for small businesses — and how they can not only make an impact online, but get noticed!

Read the article and grab a copy of my presentation on +SlideShare  — along with ideas and examples from experts like +Susan Gilbert, +Kim Garst and +Jodi Okun  designed to help you  jumpstart a new social media campaign or reinvent your current strategy!


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Social Media Design Sizing Blueprint 2015 [Infographic]
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube GooglePlus

The importance of a social media cover photo can be described when someone understands the importance of cover letter with a resume; time is money here, say quickly and say all. Your cover snap presents a great detail about you, your brand, and anything, within a pinch. These cover photos put a great and accurate impact upon the visitor’s mind regarding your product or mindset. 

However, designing social media cover photos have gone pretty tricky these days, especially for those who use it in a professional way. In fact, needless here is to mention about the habit of social media platforms to revamp their layout patterns that certainly involves something with works like cropping, resizing, etc. 

And, each time you can't spend huge money with designers for the purpose. Hence, the best way is to go through the cheat sheet for social media cover photo dimensions. The #infographic below, created by +CoversHub, presents a nice cover photo cheat sheet that holds most upgraded cover picture dimension for major social platforms – #Facebook#Twitter#LinkedIn#YouTube and #Googleplus  – that can be really useful for you on this regard.

See the complete and larger image here: http://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2015/01/social-media-design-specs-blueprint-2015-infographic.html

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Case study – How post format affects your Google+ engagement rate?

The image below are two posts of mine promoting the same blogpost on +Web Hosting Secret Revealed – One got only one +1; the other one on right get 84 +1's and 70+ reshares.

That's more than 8,400% difference in engagement rate.

The main difference between the two: Post format. 


On your next Google+ post:

– Use tall, descriptive images.
– Start your post with a catchy title and write meaty content.
– Make sure your audience is interested with the content you are sharing. 

More reading: http://www.learnblogging.today/2014/google-plus-tips/

Credit – I also studied and featured several bloggers Google+ profile in the post – +Pauline Cabrera  +John Paul Aguiar +Adam Connell 

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Poster to stick on your wall – some of the best social media quotes I ever bumped…

Poster to stick on your wall – some of the best social media quotes I ever bumped into. My personal favorite – "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stay on Google forever!" – so true!

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Pinterest/Facebook Quick Tip: How to add Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Business Page.

Read FULL details at: http://www.twelveskip.com/tutorials/facebook/1230/add-pinterest-app-tab-to-facebook-business-page

Features include: show boards or pins, users are able to repin or LIKE a pin directly from your Facebook page & a Pinterest FOLLOW button!

Pin for later: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/48343395974502370/

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