The right way to guest post.

The right way to guest post.

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Pro Tip: First Thing I Do When My Guest Post Is Published

Getting your guest post published by a reputable site in your field is a great honor. If you want to be invited back, and maybe even become a regular columnist (as I now am for +Marketing Land), here's a simple thing you can do that adds great value for you and the publisher.

As soon as a guest post of mine goes "live," I jump in to make the first comment from me. As you see in the screen capture below, I let viewers know that I appreciate them reading my post, and I also let them know that I will be monitoring the comments and will respond personally.

Not only is that a great thing to do for the readers, it will also show the publisher that you weren't just looking to "post and run" to soak up some SEO benefit and then on to your next target. Good publishers want writers who will become part of their community, and who will be responsive to their readers.

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