This was first posted in 2013 – Learn how hosting +Web Hosting Secret Revealed on…

This was first posted in 2013 – Learn how hosting +Web Hosting Secret Revealed on a better web host improved site load time for more than 100% instantly. 

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How much can a web host affect your site speed?

Answer: A lot. 

More than a year ago I moved one of my sites to WP Engine – a powerful WordPress-only hosting; and the difference is shown in the graphic below (screen captured from Pingdom).

Site load time dropped from 900+ milliseconds to 500 milliseconds (almost 100% improvement) instantly after the switch.

Lesson learned

If you are having hard time trying to improve your site load time, do not ruled out the fundamentals (eg. web hosting) too easily. Sometimes the easiest solution could be the best.  

You can learn more about my WP Engine experience and reviews here:

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[Infographic] Wonder what are the options you have in web hosting?

Searching for a web host can be a tedious job, especially if you are doing it for the first time and don’t know what to look for. While my hosting reviews and articles might help in separating the good hosts from the bad ones, you are the only one who can determine which web host is the right one for yourself.

Questions to ask include (but not limited to): Do you need a very secured hosting environment? How much server control do you need? Do you have excessive budget for a premium hosting? How much web traffic are you expecting? Do you run application that requires intensive processing power? Can your website tolerates with certain level of downtime?

Answering these questions lead us to the next key question: What are your choices? The following infographic has the answer. 

If you need more details or simply wish to share this infographic on your blog, please visit the original post at; HTML codes are provided after the image.

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