The $10,000,000 Story from Andrew Wilkinson

Flow” is an early mover, bootstrapped startup, focuses in project management / to-do list tool.

The company was a big hit right from the beginning and hit $20,000 monthly recurring revenue first month.

The sky looks bright…… until Asana – a direct competitor lead by well-networked, well-funded founder, who also happened to be the Facebook co-founder, came into the picture.

Andrew, the founder of Flow, lost $10 million in 12 years and declared defeat publicly. You can read his story here:…

Not every fight in the competitive venture capitalist funded market is worth fighting. And Andrew’s new company Tiny could offer a window for founders who wish to exit.

(Which is why he made the Twitter thread and shared his story I guess?)

* This short note was originally posted on my Facebook wall.

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