Think Facebook is dying? Think again.

Think Facebook is dying? Think again.

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Chart of the Day: Facebook’s active user figure twice that of any other network

With our new GWI Social report out this week, our chart for Wednesday takes a look at the top 10 social platforms globally.

Outside of China, GWI tracks more than 35 named platforms – some global, some localized to particular regions or markets. Despite this wealth of services, Facebook is ahead of all of them; as 2014 nears its end, the social networking giant is able to boast a 20-point lead over its next closest rival in terms of both membership and active usage rates.

Certainly, the ways in which people are interacting with Facebook continue to evolve, and other networks are able to boast much faster growth rates and much younger audiences. Nevertheless, it’s critical to recognize that more than four fifths (83%) of online adults outside of China are members of Facebook, while close to half (47%) consider themselves to be actively using the network. For a service which is now more than ten years old, this is an extremely impressive achievement – and one that underlines the consistently impressive reach that Facebook offers.
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