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Our team did a long work-from-home guide last week.

In the process, we spoke to people who has been working from home for years – translators, web developers, virtual assistants, SEO gurus, writers, online business owners, and designers.

If you were just starting out and in-doubt – this is for you. Some common questions you might have:

  • What are some of the jobs you can work from home?
  • Where do you find online jobs as a beginner?
  • How much pay you can get working from home?
  • Are work from home jobs safe?
  • How to get started as a beginner?

You can find detail answers from the article >

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Behind the scene

The article itself is the collaborative work of multiple work-from-home individuals. Here are the steps we took to produce this article:

  1. The topic “work from home” came up in our team chat and we decided to go for it.
  2. Timothy, my editor, drafted an outline on what we should cover in the article.
  3. I dived into some market data and see if we were missing any crucial points; article outline adjusted based on market study.
  4. Tim went to work and submitted his first draft.
  5. Discussion and team’s input on Tim’s writing.
  6. Tim worked out a second draft and moved the article to our site backend.
  7. Jason and I reached out to our contacts and interviewed those who were interested to contribute.
  8. The draft sitting in our WordPress site went through a few more edits – interviewees’ inputs merged to the writings, graphics and links and screenshots added, headlines optimized for SEO on-page.
  9. Final check by Tim and myself.
  10. Publish.

One thought on “Work from Home”

  1. It’s nice to read about the team work that went on the draft for that article. You’re a great team! :) And with the current situation, questions about work from home really need an answer.

    (I’m glad to see you interviewed Sharon H. Hall among the people who appear in the post. She’s a great freelancer and I’m happy to have her in my network.)

    Take care, Jerry. :)

    – Luana

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